Integrative Pain Reduction Program

Location: La Clinica Wellness Center.        730 Biddle Road.  Medford, OR 97504

Telephone / Fax Numbers:                                T: (541) 708-1595; F: (541) 833-5008

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Program Manager / Service Delivery:              Joshua Graner, MS, LAc, HHP

Program Description:  The Integrative Pain Reduction Program is a multidisciplinary approach to helping people with chronic, non-cancer pain.  This approach has been pioneered by the Mayo Clinic for over 30 years to address the complexities of effective chronic pain treatment.  "Integrative" means that we use a combination of approaches that include conventional pain medicine with complimentary and alternative therapies.  This approach is both very important and very effective because it does not rely on just one tool, and allows for flexibility in care from one patient to the next.  The program combines direct treatment along with helping patients create effective strategies to manage pain on their own and to improve the quality of their lives.

The majority of patients that attend this program have persistent, chronic pain, have had multiple surgeries as well as conventional pain management approaches such as injections, spinal stimulators or pain pumps.  Many have gone through physical therapy already and are taking multiple medications to manage their pain including narcotics, anti-inflammatories, sedatives, anti-seizure medications, anti-depressants and more.  Our patients end up here and in other programs like this because they have already done so much treatment but are still hurting beyond what is acceptable to them.

If you are interested in a program like this and you are in Southern Oregon, give us a call or send an email.  Continue reading below for more information.

Program Components:  Our main goal is to introduce you to a variety of evidence-based pain management tools and to help you create and follow an effective strategy to reduce your pain.  We use a cognitive-behavioral approach to goal setting to help you create reasonable and achievable goals that will maximize your success in the program.  The program is designed to provide treatments and tools that will help to relieve your pain both immediately and in the long term.  The patients that experience the most success are those who are willing to be patient, diligent in their program and are able to communicate what is working and what is not working to their provider.  We do not directly prescribe medications, nor do we give advice about the specific use of medications.  We do however help you to communicate with your prescribers to make sure the medications you are taking are safe and effective.  Many of our patients are tapering down their narcotic medication on the advice of their prescriber, but this is not a requirement for being part of the program or receiving services.  Below is a list of some services you may receive as part of your pain reduction program. 

Services and Therapies:  Click on the service you are interested in to learn more.

  1. Acupuncture for Chronic Pain
  2. Acupuncture for Orthopedic Conditions
  3. Alpha Wave Cranial Stimulation Therapy
  4. Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Goal Setting
  5. Functional Mobility Training
  6. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  7. Nutrition Counseling

Program Eligibility, Duration and Cost:  Anyone with chronic, persistent, non-cancer pain is eligible to participate in the program.  Patients who are part of the La Clinica health care system will be given priority for scheduling.  Most patients attend 1-2 times per week for 3-6 months though it varies from one person to the next.  Some get what they need in a few weeks and others continue treatment for 1-2 years due to the severity and duration of their pain conditions.  The average cost of the program varies between $300 to $600 per month and is often covered by many insurance companies including Oregon Health Plan and some Medicare Organizations.  Contact us to see if you are covered.  Below is a fee schedule and a list of insurance providers that we are contracted with.

Fee Schedule:

  • Out of pocket (non-medicare / non-disability):
    • $150 initial evaluation and treatment
    • $100 follow-up treatments
  • Out of pocket (medicare / disability / veterans):
    • $100 initial evaluation and treatment
    • $80 follow-up treatments
  • La Clinica Network Sliding Scale Fee:
    • $25 - $45 individual acupuncture treatments
    • $20 group treatment and education

Insurance Accepted: These are the insurance providers we are in contract with.  Depending on your health plan and coverage they may or may not cover the treatment and services.  Call or send us an email for more information.

  1. Aetna
  2. Allcare Health (OHP)
  3. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  4. Care Oregon (OHP)
  5. Cigna
  6. First Choice Health
  7. Jackson Care Connect (OHP)
  8. Lifewise
  9. Moda
  10. Oregon Health Plan 
  11. Pacific Source
  12. Providence
  13. Primary Health of Josephine County (OHP)
  14. United Health Care