Ease Your Mind

Meditation is possibly one of the most important activities you can do for your health each day.  Studies in medical science, immunology, neuroscience, behavioral psychology and cognitive psychology concur that 20 minutes of meditation each day will improve your health in the following ways:

  1. Reduced stress, rumination and worry.
  2. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  3. Improved sleep and rest
  4. Improved energy
  5. Improved attention, focus and memory
  6. Reduced inflammation
  7. Reduced pain 

The following meditations are designed to introduce you to the meditation process as well as give you specific meditation tools to relax the mind, reduce pain, reduce anxiety and decrease pain.  You have the choice of listening to the meditations directly on this page, or downloading them to your computer or mobile device so you can listen to them even when you are not connected to the internet.

Just remember, the goal is not to stop thinking or to become "spiritual."  Meditation is a powerful technology of the mind that can change how you respond to emotions, thoughts and stress in your life.  Start easy with just 5 minutes per day and work your way up to 20.  Just be consistent and you will be truly amazed at how profoundly this exercise will enhance your life and reduce your pain. Think of meditation like learning to write with your non-dominant hand. It feels awkward at first but with consistency and practice you will become proficient.

Keep track of your progress!  Download the Progressive Mastery Worksheet by clicking here.

"Trust the science and trust the process.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Your Meditations

(Just click the play button to listen to the tracks, or download them using the "download" link)

1.  Meditation For Sleep and Relaxation- This meditation was generously donated by Bethany Auriel-Hagan of www.crystaltreeroad.com.  Listen to it if you have having difficulty falling asleep, or whenever you are feeling stressed or worried.

2.  Mindfulness Meditation Program-       This 4-part meditation program will help you to create a solid understanding of meditation, how it works and how to use it to improve your health and wellbeing.