Ease Your Mind

Mindfulness meditation was developed thousands of years ago specifically to reduce suffering. Hundreds of scientific studies over the past 20 years show that meditation does in fact reduce pain, improve happiness and many other aspects of health such as sleep, focus, concentration, and mood.  Many people shy away from meditation because they think it is hard, or weird or something religious but in truth it is just a technology of the mind.  Meditation a tool that we can use to change how we respond and react to our experiences, emotions and thoughts.  This includes how we experience and react to our stress, pain and suffering.

The mindfulness program is a series of recordings that you can listen to on this site, or download to listen to later.  It starts with the easiest form of mindfulness practice which is learning how to deeply calm the body and mind. The program gently and gradually progresses, giving you a mental toolbox that you can use to overcome most obstacles in your life including your pain and health conditions.

The Goals 

  1. Reduce mental stress

  2. Reduce physical tension

  3. Deeply calm and relax the body

  4. Improve sleep

  5. Overcome difficult sensations

  6. Overcome difficult thoughts and emotions

  7. Generate feelings of wellbeing, joy and gratitude

Many people think that the goal of meditation is to stop thinking but this is not our goal here.  What we are achieving through meditation is the ability to choose how we want to feel and how we want to respond to the experiences in our life.  So, just listen, enjoy the process, be compassionate and patient with yourself and know that every minute you spend in meditation is improving your mind and your health.