Low Back, Hips and Legs

This series of stretching and strengthening exercises will help to improve the mobility of your lower back, hips and legs.  Each video covers 1 specific exercise and the suggested number of repetitions, or duration of time is written above the video.  Start with doing these exercises 2 to 3 times per week, and as you improve in strength and flexibility you can do these every day.  It is important to challenge yourself while at the same time honoring your limitations.  You may feels some discomfort during the exercises and soreness the next day but as long as you are doing the exercises safely, persevere through the discomfort and gradually increase your mobility over time.

Keep track of your progress!  Download the Progressive Mastery Worksheets by clicking here and set your mobility goals for this week.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step"

1) Hip Rotations: 5 - 10 repetitions 

2) Chair Squats: 3 - 15 repetitions

3) Cat and Cow: 5 - 15 repetitions

4) Hollow-body Hold: 5 - 15 seconds

5) Bridge 10 - 30 seconds 

6) Figure Four Hip Stretch: 10 - 30 repetitions

7) Legs Up the Wall:  1 - 2 minutes