Welcome to Your Pain Relief Program

Pain is distracting.  It affects our work, our relationships and our overall health.  If you have been suffering for a long time, chances are you have let go of other important things in your life such as your diet, movement and exercise, friendships and relationships, personal projects and hobbies because chronic pain is overwhelming.  Chronic pain is a drain on our energy, hope and motivation and it is often hard to see that there can be relief on the horizon.  This program is a means for you to regain your health, to rediscover hope and to focus on rebuilding your vitality and resilience.

The program is divided into three main modules: 1) Nutrition, 2) Mobility,  and 3) Mindfulness.   By focusing on these three things you will steadily create a foundation of health that will:

  1. Improve physical strength and mobility
  2. Reduce mental and emotional stress
  3. Improve your energy
  4. Reduce inflammation and pain 
  5. Correct nutrient imbalances and deficiencies

In addition to the modules you can also receive a monthly newsletter that provides even more information and practices to manage your pain practically and naturally.  Just enter your email below to opt into the monthly newsletter.

How It Works

Once you are done with this tutorial you will be taken to your program page where you can choose what module you would like to start working on. I encourage you to work on all three modules each week to maximize your benefits but if you are only interested in working on one at a time that is good too.  Each module will give you usable information that you can apply right away.  There are videos and recordings to help you through the process.

Setting Goals 

"That which is measured improves."  On each program page you can download and print a Progressive Mastery Worksheet to keep track of your success.  I encourage you to use this tool, fill it out with your goals and put it somewhere you will see it every day.  

Your program modules


A 15-week program that includes specific dietary recommendations to improve health, decrease pain and reduce inflammation.


Follow along with mobility training videos that include specific exercises to improve strength, flexibility and reduce pain.


Listen to guided meditations designed to relax your mind, deepen your sleep and reduce stress, all of which will reduce pain and improve your health.