My name is Joshua Graner and I started as a way to empower my patients to improve their health and wellbeing as a means to further reduce their pain, immobility and inflammatory conditions.  I started my journey in this field as a paratrooper medic with the 82nd Airborne Division.  I was injured during a training exercise where my parachute failed to fully inflate and I hit the drop zone hard injuring my neck and back.  That injury, while resulting in neck pain and headaches that I still deal with, put me on a path to wellness.  For the past 20 years I have pursued the study of health looking at the body through the multiple lenses of biochemistry, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, physical rehabilitation, fitness and most importantly...compassion.  I have been in practice for over a decade focusing on treating chronic pain and substance abuse.  In my practice and my studies I have seen a correlation between states of health, states of mind and pain.  To put it simply those who are healthy in general and have a healthy, balanced state of mind seem to recover more quickly from traumatic injuries and pain conditions compared to those who are less healthy.  As a result of this realization I have made it my mission to encourage all people suffering with chronic pain to systematically, consistently and gradually improve all aspects of their health despite the pain.  As a result I often see that a majority of those people who make the necessary changes to improve their health have significantly less pain than those people who pursue medical treatments only.  Encouragement only goes so far so I decided to provide resources and education along with the encouragement.

Please enjoy your pain relief resources and I hope you can use these tools to improve your health, reduce your pain and enhance your life.

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