Informed by science, developed through experience and delivered with care.

This website is a free resource for those who suffer from chronic pain.  It was created to offer encouragement, tools to reduce pain and guidance for improving your overall health.  In these pages you will find mobility exercises, nutritional programs and mindfulness methods specifically designed for those with chronic pain conditions.  I have helped thousands of my patients using these methods and now they are yours to explore. 

Never give up, leave no stone unturned and have hope that you can feel good again!  

Yours in Wellness,

-Joshua Graner MS, LAc (functional pain specialist and chronic pain sufferer)


Your Practical Pain Relief Program Consists of 3 Modules that Work Together to Improve Health and Reduce Pain


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A healthy body is more resilient against pain and inflammation, and nutrition is the cornerstone of health.  By improving your diet and nutrition you can reduce pain and inflammation and improve your quality of life.


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When our mobility decreases, circulation also decreases which increases pain and inflammation.  We are also more susceptible to injuries and falling.  This progressive mobility program will help to restore your movement and decrease pain. 


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Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety, stress and pain perception.  This mindfulness program will help you better manage your pain and stress and improve your quality of life.